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Most cookies don’t have protein. Of the ones that do have protein, the level is 35% of the carbohydrate levels. Proof Cookies have MORE PROTEIN that Net Carbohydrates, this is a 400% increase to the best ratio on the market, and the best part they taste as good if not better than any cookie out there, healthy or not!


Is Protein Beneficial?

Protein has many benefits, first it promotes muscle growth, higher base metabolic rate, stabilizes blood sugar (less hunger), and ingested in high amounts does not store as fat.

Is Sugar Bad?

YES, since about 10 years ago when fat was thought of as the problem sugar has doubled. When we eat sugar, our body produces insulin, which suddenly drops blood sugar to below when we eat sugar in the first place, THE CRASH, and when the body has insulin in it, body stores FAT. 75% of the adult population is challenged and sadly over 35% of our children are met with some form of weight challenge, many of them obese.  Tell parents they are abusing their child by feeding them too much sugar, it will not be met with an open mind and more than likely resentment. So many diseases are tied to weight and sugar intake.  Diabetes and high blood pressure come to mind first hand with over 600,000 deaths per month in the US from sugar related diseases.

Is Fat Ok?

Yes, the FDA just recently lifted the limit on daily fat as having no ceiling. Fat is a great source of energy. Eating protein and fat will tend to make us much leaner that with carbohydrates.


Barley: Been around for 60 years in Cheerios, tastes great, has one of the lowest glycemic indexes. Eating whole-grain barley improves regulation of blood sugar (i.e. reduce blood glucose response to a meal) for up to 10 hours after consumption compared to whole-grain wheat, which have similar glycemic indexes. Consuming cookies containing barley over weeks to months also improves cholesterol levels and glucose regulation. We have .5g of beta-glucan per serving.  

Proprietary Protein Blend: We have a special blend of Whey and Soy Protein that tastes great, has 12 months shelve life, and is chewy when baked.

Xylitol: Fibers of fruits and vegetables naturally contain xylitol. It can be extracted from various berries, oats, mushrooms, corn husks, sugar cane, and birch trees. Xylitol is in a class of substances called “polyols,” more commonly known as sugar alcohols. Sugar alcohols are neither sugar nor alcohol, but have a chemical structure that has similarities of both sugar and alcohol (I won’t bore you with anymore chemistry)

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