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2000 people died yesterday in US due to sugar, how come so few really care?

2000 people died yesterday in US due to sugar, how come so few really care?

When I started Proof Smart Food, I was excited to make a difference in the world by stopping the sugar epidemic. WOW was I shocked at how few really care. When I say care, I mean willing to get involved, get educated and support those companies embracing this.

I watched a movie last night on Amazon Prime called “That Sugar Film” Simply put a 35 year old male was healthy, meaning low body fat, low blood pressure, normal liver function, and no meds was on a 2,300 calorie a day diet with 25% carbs, 50% fat and 25% protein.

In just 8 weeks going to SAME 2,300 calorie diet, yet 50% carbs, 25% fat and 25% protein, he gained 25 lbs of fat, 6” on his waste, high blood pressure and a failing liver!

Want further evidence, check this article out:

Sugar is the new tobacco!!

Anyway, our product launch at EXPO WEST 3/11 was overwhelming. We had 200 buyers wanting our products and on line sales are doubling every day.

Our brand, Great tasting Diabetic/Fitness friendly foods, high in protein, no/low sugar!

We have simple delicious Protein Cookies, which truly make a great meal replacement, snack with 16g protein, no added sugar and 14 net carbs (chocolate chip)


Sugar Free Power truffle with 2x caffeine as coffee (our only product with caffeine), so a nice amount of energy without crash

Please support our cause and help the 2000 people that die each and every day due to sugar, this is David and Goliath!

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  • Mar 22, 2017
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