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Are your food choices driven by BS by William Hogarty

Are your food choices driven by BS by William Hogarty

When I say BS, I am referring to belief systems for the most part, with a little of the other BS being

B--- S---. A majority of our belief systems are programed between the ages of 2-6. As adults we do things that we learned early in our lives. Sadly, much of what we heard at that age was “no’ or “don’t do that” often fueled by fear. Religion and politics are driven by belief systems and in my opinion food choices are met with the same resistance that comes from disputing someone’s religious or political views. Add the fact that billions are spent on marketing so no wonder the greatest and most intelligent country in the world is faced with 75% of the adult population have weight challenges and 35% of our children are faced with weight challenges. For the first time in history you will outlive your children because of sugar related disease! 12 years ago the FDA said fat was bad so sugar consumption has almost tripled when we went with fat free. Cigarettes took decades to have simple disclosure that they are harmful for you. Tell someone giving their children high sugar foods such as cereal, soda, etc. “How come you let your children smoke a cigarette”? This simple question though highly accurate, most likely would be met with the person being offended, not taken as if you care. The FDA recently lifted fat limits and I believe limits are forthcoming on sugar/carbohydrates. Times are changing, we are entering a world where we can talk about issues, though not politically correct yet correct. 

Our mission is to make a difference in the way people eat by introducing foods that tastes great, higher in protein; and much lower in sugar. I realize that BS will get in the way and hope people will embrace this without being offended as our children are more important than feelings and BS 

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William Hogarty

  • Sep 06, 2016
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