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Cookies make me Lean? by William Hogarty


Cookies make me Lean? Yesterday my wife posted this photo, and I recieved several "Bill you look Lean" First of all thank you" and second my eating habits have been less than consistent, my workouts 50% and less than 20 mins cardio a day. Crazy, I eat 6 Simply Delicious cookies a day. That is close to 60 grams of Protein and low sugar. I eat one for breakfast with coffee, three cookies through out day and two at night crumbled up in milk like cereal. I am never hungry and have energy all day. It wasn't till yesterday I did the correlation of steady protein and being lean.
I am committed to making a difference in US problem with Obesity one person at a time, sadly 75% of Us population challenged with weight and 35% of our children, yet tell a mother that feeding her children processed high sugar cereal that she is hurting her children is like telling someone their religion is wrong. Yet lets make a difference. Simply Delicious Protein Cookies taste amazing, come in two delicious flavors, ultimate convenience food, easy to order to your door step, total satisfies your hunger, good for you, kids LOVE them. MOMS my daughters LOVE them and eat them in place of cereal. It doesn't get any better. Give them a try, your will be pleased at the results:   

By William Hogarty

  • Jul 17, 2016
  • Category: News
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