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Diabetics BEWARE by William Hogarty

Diabetics BEWARE by William Hogarty

Last week I was in Las Vegas at a National Food convention discussing a diabetic category in a national food chain. I was shocked that all the buzz was about 0 sugar, rather than glycemic index. Simply put, glycemic index is how our body reacts to food relative to blood sugar when ingested. Close to pure Protein would be a skinless chicken breast, close to 0 on the index (does NOT raise blood sugar) and straight sugar would be 100 (the highest impact on blood sugar) Let me expand, sugar comes in 63 different forms and at the end of the day, Net carbohydrates effect blood sugar almost the same as sugar. The calculation is as follows, carbohydrates minus fiber minus sugar alcohol is Net Carbohydrates. I took a can of soup from my father’s pantry (a “healthy” vegetable split pea soup) to demonstrate. It was 19 ounces and the label said 3 grams of sugar. Looks awesome at first glance however when you break down the carbohydrates, the can contains 58 grams of carbohydrates, minus 8 grams of fiber is 51 grams of Net Carbohydrates. My point is that this soup, if it got rid of the 3 grams of sugar could be classified as Diabetic friendly, yet still has 51 grams of carbohydrates that effect the blood sugar exactly the same as sugar.

USDA daily recommendations of sugar is 37 grams for men and 25 grams for woman.

USDA daily recommendations of sugar for children under 2 is 0 grams per day.

I am saddened by the confusion and huge marketing $ spent. To make sense of all this is nearly impossible. Children diabetes is at an all-time high in US because sugar has tripled in foods since the low fat craze. For the first time in history we will outlive our children as we are killing them with sugar. The USDA has lifted fat limitations. I have several older relatives that live in fear as they are diabetics, and listen to their Dr. on how to eat, yet sadly are miss lead. Our Protein cookies have just 8 net carbs, which is lower than a whole wheat turkey sandwich, they say “I cant eat those my Dr said cookies are bad”

The reality is NET carbs are as big of a concern as straight sugar. 

I have been asked to speak on this subject 3 times in the last two weeks. When I speak, I go to the diabetic section of stores and bring those as samples to help people focus on labels and what is important.

We are committed to helping the average person create protein by 100 grams a day and reduce sugar by 100 grams a day. Since protein slows the absorption of sugar, any food with protein will have a lower glycemic index. 

I am excited that in next six months we will be rolling out a large line of foods that taste great, high in Protein and low in sugar. My goal is to make the Proof logo clear to all consumers that stands for ‘high protein/low sugar/low glycemic index 

I am more focused and excited than ever to make a HUGE difference in this nations health!

Thank you

William Hogarty

925 518 1257

  • Oct 17, 2016
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