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Fed Up by William Hogarty

I recently watched a movie by name of Fed U, which was made in 2014 which can be located at:

To summate, it outlines the long term danger of sugar, the effect on our culture that food has.  Religion, Politics and Food are topics layered with belief systems that have generations of back ground on, that many choose not to list logic because it goes against their gut. For the first time in history we are going to out live our children because sugar related disease, now 35% of our children deal with weight issues.  There are so many mis conceptions and sadly most people have no idea what to do.  The FDA said fat was the problem 12 years ago, and since then sugar doubled.  Soda is worse than a cigarette!

FDA recently pulled backed that and revised its earlier stance on fat.  We are Proof Smart Food are committed to helping the smartest nation get smart about eating by introducing high protein foods and snacks, free of sacrifice and dieting.  Please help us help you, our cookies taste amazing, very satisfying, fill you up with long term energy.

Please try them out, we are climbing Mt Everest with the large food companies and sure could use your support to get momentum going!

William Hogarty




  • Jun 21, 2016
  • Category: News
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