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Fitness Meals/Power Truffle are here, and my book!


I’m so excited launch our new Fitness Meals!  This is a product, 32g Protein, 5 carbs, I wanted to bring to market for a long time!  Yet with a start up things can progress slower that expected.  Yet with a recent launch of Max Muscle (These guys run great stores with 20 years of knowledge) retail locations, I personally saw HUGE demand of pre-prepared meals.  These meals tasted terrible, HIGH carbs, and high sodium not to mention terrible taste with no label.  So I set out to launch a great solution, and Fitness meals have arrived!  Frozen Gourmet low Carb Protein Meal 32g Protein, 5 Carbs, reduced sodium that taste amazing and have LARGE portions.  I assembled the worlds bets team happy to say we will be in production in March for the first two, Cane Asda and Chicken with Italian Olive Tapenade. We already have over 10,000 pre-sales.  We will be adding additional menu selections within 45 days.

Sugar Free Power Truffle 200mg of caffeine sugar free.  Reb Bull has 84mg, nasty tasting and full of sugar! We got twice the kick, great tasting Chocolate with no sugar crash and half the price!  People love them!

Samples available at:

Expo West Mar 8th to March 10th 

 #N2238 Anaheim Convention Center North Halls

  • Feb 22, 2018
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