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Great Tasting Sugar Free Chocolate Chips by William Hogarty

Great Tasting Sugar Free Chocolate Chips by William Hogarty

In an effort to secure a Purchase order from a major retailor, they ask us to remove all sugar from our Protein Cookies. The purpose of this is to make our cookies even more diabetic friendly than they are.

Though what baffled us, was that there was no sugar free chocolate chips that taste great.   We searched high and low and frankly none met our taste test. Our mantra has always been to have great taste, high protein and none/low sugar. 

I guess I am too dumb to know better so we created our own proprietary chocolate chips.

We were hugely successful, and now have a sugar free chocolate chip, compared with normal chocolate chips that have 20 grams of sugar per one ounce serving. This is a quantum leap in the health qualities of this particular product, and frankly the taste is on parallel with the normal chocolate chips. We have actually made the decision top market this product separately along with adding them to our formula to our Simply Delicious Protein Cookies.

Please don’t confuse sugar free with no added sugar. Sugar free is a much higher standard than no added sugar. Sugar free means there is NO sugar in product. No added sugar means there is sugar in some of the ingredients.

We are excited to continue to provide great alternatives of sugar free or low sugar alternatives that do not sacrifice taste. Our branding will be Diabetic friendly to give diabetics and frankly anyone who desires to lower their sugar intake with red packaging, which signifies a great alternative to high sugar products on market.  Sadly there is so much confusion on labeling, leave consumers unclear what to do.

We will take the mystery out of food selection and make it easy to adopt a low sugar lifestyle.  


William Hogarty

  • Nov 14, 2016
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