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Is Diabetes Curable without medication? by William Hogarty

 A couple weeks back I did a blog on Diabetes. It got thousands of views and I have been asked to speak to multiple groups. First I am not a medical Dr., and my opinions are just that an opinion. Yet I do believe that with proper diet and exercise, one can drastically reduce the need of medication to treat diabetes. Tragically we currently face a 5% top 10% annual increase in diabetes in this country, with our children at an all-time high.

 When we take in sugar our body’s blood sugar raises and the body produces insulin to counteract the raise in blood sugar. Yet some people don’t produce enough insulin or the insulin they produce doesn’t lower the blood sugar enough, so they resort to taking insulin through pills or injections.

 The problem has come about because the large increase in sugar in pretty much all foods. If we eat straight protein, blood sugar does not increase substantially. Eating foods that have a low glycemic index, meaning a low impact on blood sugar is key. USDA recommendations are very low in reality to what people eat. Here are some tips:

 Foods to Avoid:

 All sodas

Adding sugar to foods, use Stevia

Fruit juices

Cereals, use oatmeal sweetened with Stevia


Donuts and pastries

White bread


Foods to increase:





Cheese (yes fat is not the problem)

Brown Rice

Green vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, and salads

Simply Delicious Protein cookies


They key is moderation. Start with one or two changes a day. Make is a lifestyle. I recently read an Adkins diet books and found it to be very helpful and user friendly.

 We are committed to helping the average person create protein by 100 grams a day and reduce sugar by 100 grams a day. Since protein slows the absorption of sugar, any food with protein will have a lower glycemic index.

 I am excited that in next six months we will be rolling out a large line of foods that taste great, high in Protein and low in sugar. My goal is to make the Proof logo clear to all consumers that stands for ‘high protein/low sugar/low glycemic index.

 I am more focused and excited than ever to make a HUGE difference in this nation’s health!

 Thank you

 William Hogarty

 925 518 1257

  • Nov 01, 2016
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