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Lenny and Larry Protein Cookie in Class Action Lawsuit due to over stating Protein Content!

Looks like Lenny and Larry’s is in trouble again. They have had recalls in the past due to miss labeling, yet this Lawsuit alleges that they:

 “grossly inflate” the protein content“Contain between 4 and 9 grams of protein per cookie”, instead of 16g per cookie

 “consumer fraud”

 “Cowen and Ibarolla have asked the court to order Lenny & Larry’s to stop engaging in the allegedly deceptive behavior”

 Last week when this story aired, many distributors contacted us about replacing this brand. We are excited about providing the market, not only a great tasting cookie, yet one accurate in its claims.

I would hope that Stores/Distributors with Integrity would make an effort to replace products with repeated false claims and or fraud. I realize it takes effort, yet consumers are counting on us!

 Our brand, Proof Smart Food Inc., which consists of Great Tasting Diabetic/Fitness/Consumer Friendly Foods, High in Protein, No/Low sugar with Convenience which is the solution to the epidemic that face’s our country.

 Our brand, is recognized as a safe reliable product without reading and understanding complex food labels. I have perfected a healthy lifestyle free of diets, sacrifice, and desire so the average consumer will benefit from this lifestyle.

 Simply Delicious Protein Cookies, which truly make a great meal replacement, snack with 16g protein, no added sugar and 14 net carbs (chocolate chip)

 Sugar Free Power Truffle with 2x caffeine as coffee (our only product with caffeine), so a nice amount of energy without sugar crash. Think healthy Rockstar, without sugar crash and chemicals.

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William Hogarty


  • May 07, 2017
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