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Lets Save our Children by William Hogarty

Let's Save our Children by William Hogarty


75% of the US population is overweight, 35% obese! Sadly 35% of our children are overweight, and for the first time in history we will outlive our children due to sugar related disease.  I am thinking everyone would want to do something yet the solution is more complex due to BS.  That is belief systems, see eating habits are like religion and politics.  Our information and thoughts (often presented as Good or Bad) are imbedded in our thinking and not easily overcome.  Plus there is so much bad information and marketing so it is very confusing.  Yet in the end, it is somewhat simple.  Nothing drastic, little changes can make a huge difference.  I want to make this blog open to everyone and anyone.  Most don’t want to ask questions because they are embarrassed.  Some listen to their Medical Doctor’s who sadly has an average life span of 55 years old and have one class in nutrition so often their advice may or may not be accurate.  My advice is listen to those who you view as in shape and disease free.   I will do some question and answer on things that work for my family:


Do diets work?  Yes whenever one lowers calories below what the body is burning we will lose weight.  


Do diets last?  No, simply lowering calories and sacrifice is next to impossible to sustain.


Is fat bad?  No fat is not bad.  Fat got a bad rap when the FDA put limitations on it, so sugar doubled.  The FDA recently pulled back this and now fat has no limitations.


Are carbohydrate bad? No in limited quantities and complex carbohydrates.  Carbohydrates provide energy yet most are processed and high in sugar.  When large amounts of carbohydrates are ingested, ones blood sugar shoots up and the body produces insulin to counter act this, pushing blood sugar lower than before we ate.  When there is insulin in your blood, your body will store fat.  Eating large amount of carbohydrates will cause one to become a diabetic and supplements with injections of insulin.  Eating carbohydrates as they came from nature, brown rice, oatmeal, popcorn, vegetable’s ect. Be aware of glycemic index, the lower the glycemic index, the lower the impact on blood sugar


Is protein good? Yes!  Protein moderates blood sugar (so level energy) does not promote insulin reaction, builds muscle and in my experience impossible to gain weight on.  I find the more protein I eat, the lower body fat I have.  Protein is in all meats, eggs (egg white are awesome), fish and milk (go for 1%).


What can I do to make subtle changes in my diet and not starve?  Avoid sugar!  Soda has a 1/3 cup sugar per serving.  That is all bad!  Try iced tea or water.  Lemon water with Stevia is the best lemonade and incredibly sweet.  Avoid processed foods.  Its that simple.  Be aware of flavored coffees, they can be as much as 800 calories and in seven days that is 5600 extra calories.  A pound of fat is 3500 calories so just that one change would be a pound and half of fat a week.


Find snacks that are high in protein and low sugar.  Please try our Simply Delicious protein cookies.  They are low sugar, low on glycemic index, filling and have more protein than net carbs (a first) and they taste as good as any cookie on market (you know the ones filled with sugar).

I want to keep this going so inbox me, text me or email me any question and I will post them weekly anonymously.   Our food scientist is Seth Cox.  He is one of the best in the world so if you have any questions for him, please let me know.


  • Aug 22, 2016
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