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Net Carb’s Rule! by William Hogarty

Net Carb’s Rule! by William Hogarty

 I am more excited than ever to make a difference in the US consumption of Sugar. Over 600,000 die a month in US due to sugar related disease. That is more in a month, than what we lost in World War II. Staggering, yet we must do something about it. We have a 4-year-old daughter, and even though we eat very healthy and have only healthy food in the house, she often asks for candy. Sugar consumption has tripled in last 12 years. Carbohydrates are not bad, in fact we need them for energy, yet with sugar at 3x normal levels and 2,000 people die a day, we need to drastically be aware and make proper food choices.

 For the sake of keeping things simple, a Net Carbohydrate is the type of carbohydrate that effects (raises blood sugar). Now this effect can be drastically reduced with whole foods (which has more fiber) and protein. So white bread will raise blood sugar almost as fast as straight sugar. Go to wheat bread with fiber and it slows down, go with wheat bread with turkey and the effect on blood sugar is drastically reduced. If we avoid food that raise our blood sugar, our body does not have to produce insulin (or inject insulin for Diabetics) to keep it in check.

 I will use one of our Simply Delicious Protein cookie as an example of how we calculate Net Carbs.


Total Carbs:     16 grams                                  


Fiber:                 3 grams

Sugar Alcohol: 11 grams                            (not to be confused with wine or vodka)

NET CARBS:  5 grams 

Our cookie has 5 net carbs per serving and 16 grams of protein. This is a Quantum leap in the quality of food and the minimal impact on blood sugar. Un like most foods which highly impact blood sugar. Better than most sandwiches! 

Our branding will be clear, Bright Red packaging, “Diabetic Friendly” (or anyone who wants to eat healthy), and the number of Net Carbs, giving people of mind, without the science project of reading labels and comparing serving size. 

I will be speaking in California on 2/3 and Las Vegas 3/20 for Obesity Treatment Conference.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or speaking requests.

Thank you

William Hogarty

  • Dec 27, 2016
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