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Proof Smart Food Inc to showcase 3 revolutionary Products Expo West 3/9-3/11

Proof Smart Food Inc to showcase 3 revolutionary Products Expo West 3/9-3/11

Simply Delicious No Added Sugar Protein Cookies with 16g Protein

Our revolutionary new No Added Sugar Protein Cookie tastes fantastic, has 16g Protein, and comes in two great favors, Chocolate Chip and Oatmeal Raisin.  Our cookies are Diabetic/Fitness friendly creating a satisfying snack experience with high protein and no added sugar we get a nice amount of energy without the sugar free fall. 

Simply Delicious Protein Calzone with 32g Protein, just 3 min. in the microwave


Simply Delicious Sugar Free Power Truffle with 2x Caffeine as Coffee

Our revolutionary new Sugar Free Power Truffle combines the best of all worlds.  By crafting a great tasting blend of Sugar Free Chocolate with 2x the caffeine in a cup of coffee, we have created a quick snack with a kick that does not fall on its face while eliminating sugar, thus it is Diabetic/Fitness friendly.  The taste is remarkable with a soft nougat inside and a firm chocolate exterior, the Simply Delicious Power Truffle melts in your mouth!

Our booth at Natural Foods Expo West Anaheim will be located at: 

Booth H724 Hilton Ballroom Level 200 3/9 Thurs – 3/11 Sat.

Please contact me to set an appointment to meet the Food Scientist and the best management team industry behind the greatest advancement in food history!  Of coarse our products have simple, easy to understand labels that are bi-lingual.

William Hogarty


  • Feb 21, 2017
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