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Proof Smart Food Super Bowl Team! By William Hogarty

Proof Smart Food Super Bowl Team! By William Hogarty


I am so excited and blessed to be partnering with what many would deem the VERY BEST of the best in the food industry. We will all attend Natural Products Expo West March 9-11, and I humbly ask anyone interested in seeing the most innovative, talented team, with massive momentum bringing amazing products to market, to visit our booth. We literally have 175 years of experience, and it is so exciting to be making the biggest, most positive impact on the food industry in history.


William Hogarty: Visionary to create a brand that makes a difference in the 600k people who die every month in US due to Sugar related disease, fitness guru for 35 years.


Seth Cox: 35 years’ experience in bakery product development specializing in nutritional and novel process baked goods, a true Icon in the healthy food space.  


Roy Herman: An innovative and strategic food industry leader with remarkably diverse skills from General Management, R&D, Sales, and Marketing to Operations, Quality and Procurement in rapid growth, high pressure environments.


Mark Stever: A multi-faceted and a uniquely creative ideas guy with the proven ability to implement corporate strategies along with a strong foresight for innovation


Phil Woodman: Phil's current entrepreneur spirit has him on a path of developing a line of food designed for Diabetics. His personal experience, with himself and his son, both Diabetic, is what drives him every day to make his son’s life better and anyone else suffering from this terrible disease.


Steven E. Holcombe:  Steve's many years of extensive Fortune 500 company senior-level sales and field marketing management background which includes broad and extremely deep experiences/knowledge within the CPG industry, expertise in building and developing professional/winning sales teams, and creating, executing, and tailoring sales plans that overachieve established corporate expectations.


Kevin Malloy, 22 years of consumer product sales in the Nutrition category, an avid weight lifter and knows the value of healthy eating


Jeff Stumpf: Jeff has a successful background in bringing new and fresh ideas to market with a strong knowledge of the fitness industry.


We will be showcasing:


Diabetic Friendly/Fitness Friendly


Simply Delicious Protein Cookies in Chocolate Chip and Oatmeal Raisin flavors. They have amazing taste, 16g of Protein per cookie, No Added Sugar and very low net carbs.

Simply Delicious Protein Pocket, Calzone with remarkable taste, 35g of Protein per pocket and very low net carbs. Ready in only 3 minutes in the microwave.


Simply Delicious Power Truffle: Spectacular taste and Sugar Free! Each truffle contains the caffeine equivalent to two cups of coffee! Simply mind-blowing.


All products will have bi-lingual (English/Spanish) packaging with the latest Nutrition Facts Panel (the ones the others guys don’t want highlighting added sugars) that is simple to read, credible and easy to understand. We don’t use sugar or artificial sweeteners.


Natural Food Expo West Thursday March 9 to Saturday, March 11 Hilton Ballroom Level Two H724. Please contact me for a personal appointment!


William Hogarty

925 518 1257


  • Jan 27, 2017
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