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Sugar is the new Tobacco?

Sugar is the new Tobacco?

Thank you for the overwhelming response to last week’s blog, title 2000 died yesterday due to sugar and how come so few care. I am fascinated how many articles and films there are on the subject, I get links sent to me weekly. I understand Nestle is coming out with candy that has 20% less sugar than normal. I think that is a big statement for them, yet with average sugar consumption at 170 pounds per person we are going to have to make a much larger move than 20%!

From what I see, sugar isn’t bad at 10 pounds per person per year, yet at 170 lbs per person, it is toxic. 80% of the foods in our stores have added sugar.

I watched a movie last night on Netflix called “Sugar Coated”, Here is link for information, yet I believe you must watch via Net Flix:

Dr Robert Lustig did an outstanding job at clear definitive evidence on how the sugar industry was able to thrive the last 40 years and frankly a huge cover-up!

Sugar is the new tobacco!! This movie is an eye opener and I encourage all the Mom’s out there to take the time to watch as I know you care about your children.

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William Hogarty


  • Mar 26, 2017
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