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Who wants to jump in pool first by William Hogarty

Hello, we are so excited about future of Proof Smart Food Inc.  We are very close to signing two contracts with national LARGE companies to distribute our amazing high protein cookies that taste better than ANY cookie on market. Let it still amazes me how many companies will hold off, even with the best cookie on market, to see what others are going to do.  It is the herd mentality.  So we are patient, though disease in this country at an all time high due to lack of clarity on proper diet (high protein low sugar) until the first couple deals are signed, then all other will want what we have!  This is called momentum and we are so excited!  Once we have a full pool, it wild be much easier to roll out additional products (Protein Pockets with 25 grams protein and 9 net carbs, 3 minutes in microwave, ultimate convenience food). Please visit our web site for more information

William Hogarty


  • Jun 29, 2016
  • Category: News
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