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Will Rocky make a comeback? by William Hogarty
I recently received this (see The Comeback kid below) from a voice from the past.  I was one of the co-founders of Tri Valley Bank with the Legendary William Holz.  He was a charismatic man who carried himself well and dressed impeccably.   He son, Andrew Holz recently hired me for personal training and gave this to me.  WOW, it meant so much to me it is taped to my refrigerator.  I recently been blessed to do what I love, and be a Yacht Charter Captain on SF Bay.  It is amazing to do what I love and create amazing experiences for people.

Proof Smart Food is coming along well.  We just got approval and selling in Walmart!!!


 I believe that 50% of food will be purchased on-line within 3 years and are are taking that opportunity by storm.  In just 30 days, we have gone from 8 website views a day to over 300 a day.  Will be at 1,000 hits a day shortly.  I believe building demand from consumer level is answer.

I interviewed many bay area brokers and have picked True Foods Marketing (Very professional wonderful people) to roll out 40 stores in northern California.

 Max Muscle is also very close having in their stores as well!

This is David and Goliath so please feel free to support the cause!  We just won another taste award, we are at 35, 5-star ratings (100%) and winner of all taste comparisons!

 Anyway:  Here is Andrews Post:

The Comeback Kid!

December 31, 2017 at 5 pm

 As featured in the Contra Costa Chronicle

and The New York Times

 Once again Bill Hogarty puts the doubters

in their place and proves he’s still got it.

 Despite various hardships and setbacks,

Bill has overcome them all with…………..

 We spoke with Bill while he gave us a tour

of the Bay on his 8.4 Million Dollar yacht

and asked ……


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