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Will Sugar Free die like Fat Free did? by William Hogarty

Probably, remember Snack Wells?  Fat Free one of the drivers for sugar to double in foods to regain the taste lost my eliminating sugar. See extremes are fads and I don’t believe sustainable.  Sugar Free foods are flooding the market, yet most companies are not committed to a great product and they dump sugar substitutes in without proper testing and not being aware of consequences.  Recently I bought a sugar free cake mix and frosting to celebrate my daughter first day at TK.  It was a national company and it is a horrible product that upset the entire family’s stomachs.  When an average consumer tries this product, I am sure they would never buy Sugar Free again!!!  Sadly, it hurts all the companies committed to product excellence.  I am 100% positive the CEO and frankly the food scientist didn’t try this product, it is THAT bad. 

I am committed to my products and will continue to be.  I eat 2 truffles and 2 cookies a day.  As we roll out our product line, I will always be a daily user.  I can promise that, I will never market something unless it is so good that myself and my family eat them daily! 

As we move forward, my communication will be more focused on product fulfillment and upcoming products.  I am pretty sure everyone knows we have a sugar epidemic.  Yet here is another confirmation that sugar is the problem.

 This is David and Goliath so please feel free to support the cause!  We have won three taste awards, have 112 5-star ratings (100%) and winner of all taste comparisons!  My dream and passion is to produce great tasting Diabetic/Fitness/Consumer foods that are high in protein and low in sugar and have the average consumer benefit from my 40 years of fitness and diet expertise.  I have to say, thanks to Seth Cox (food scientist) my dream is my reality!

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  • Sep 04, 2017
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