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World's Best at IBIE by William Hogarty

World's Best at IBIE by William Hogarty

I am so excited to share, that what in my humble opinion will be the world's best players coming together at IBIE at Las Vegas Convention Center Sat and Sunday 10/8-10/9, to share my passion of truly making the world a better place by creating the world's best High Protein Low Sugar food on earth.

Seth Cox: Product Development Consultant at Cox Craft LLC, and The creator of Simply Delicious Protein Cookie (High Protein and low carb) and the creator of the Protein Pocket, the ultimate protein food. (28 grams protein and 9 carbs, three delicious flavors, 3 minutes in microwave.

Pascual Machin: Account Manager at Solvaira Specialties, and what I consider, one of the best raw material suppliers in the world.

Mark Stever: Healthy snack and food Developer with extensive sales and marketing experience with products that are spearheading into "Better for You" Category.

Matt Cobb: Represents Fantasy Cookie Company, one the world's best cookie manufacturing company that is not only user friendly, they really care.

William Hogarty: CEO of Proof Smart Food, company that will change the way people eat, from high sugar diets to high protein and low sugar foods that taste amazing.

We will be meeting Sunday, and if you would like to meet with me or us to really see what a passionate team of people, that are committed to making a difference in the 600,000 people who die EVERY month in the US monthly from sugar consumption, please give me a call or email. I would love to hear your input!


William Hogarty

925 518 1257



  • Oct 03, 2016
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