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WOW What A Response! By William Hogarty

WOW What A Response! By William Hogarty

I have always imagined Proof Smart Food taking off, yet last two weeks has been a bit overwhelming! We nearly sold out of all products, have 6 new vendors signed up, and products in two retails outlets. I am in talks with several VERY LARGE retailers. I had a cast member of shark tank contact me regarding showcasing PSF in an upcoming version of health expo. It has not been easy, yet myself, my team and my family have not taken our eyes off the ball. It is a dream come true, to have such a positive response and doing what I always dreamed of doing!

Last two weeks’ blogs got many supportive response’s and a couple, “aren’t you being dramatic?


When 2,000 people die a day, I am not being dramatic, and furthermore I belong to a few Diabetic Groups on Facebook, and I see photos daily of the suffering from Diabetes. I see posts at midnight, my blood sugar is 398, what do I do, a huge amount of FEAR! I see photos of people’s legs with the skin practically following off ect. Not pretty!

I recently had a friend who declined my weekly emails about health and fitness, he was too busy. He just had two knee replacements, at least a six-month recovery!!!! He was at least 30 to 40 pounds’ overweight. Why does it take a knee replacement, heart attack, or diabetes for humans to realize “I should do something”? If you have 6 months for knee replacement, you have 2 minutes to do something about it!

Our brand, Great tasting Diabetic/Fitness friendly foods, high in protein, no/low sugar!

We have simple delicious Protein Cookies, which truly make a great meal replacement, snack with 16g protein, no added sugar and 14 net carbs (chocolate chip)


Sugar Free Power truffle with 2x caffeine as coffee (our only product with caffeine), so a nice amount of energy without crash

Please support our cause and help up tips the scales with Sugar is the new tobacco, this is David and Goliath! The faster we sell out products, the sooner we can add new products like the Simply Delicious Protein Calzone (32g Protein, 8 carbs, 3 min microwave)

To buy on-line

Or contact me direct to be a distributor/seller.

William Hogarty



  • Apr 03, 2017
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