OUR MISSION keto recipes

Our Mission is to make a profound effect with the number one problem in US History one person at a time by creating KETO Fitness Friendly foods that have straight forward simple easy to read packaging that taste amazing. 75% of the adult population is challenged and sadly over 35% of our children are met with some form of weight challenge, many of them obese.  Fighting obesity one meal at a time! keto recipes


Our goal is to exchange 100 grams of sugar/carbohydrates for 100 grams of protein without knowing it (sacrifice or hunger). Our goal is to help people increase protein intake daily by 100 grams, decrease sugar by that same amount which is a result of increased energy, the body weight they desire (be in control); and live a lifestyle they desire free of a diet.  See, diets don’t work!  Most diets may work for a period of time and once off the diet, gain more weight than when they started in the first place.  Our desire is to create a lifelong lifestyle full of great tasting foods, comfort foods; and life free of food guilt. 

FACTS keto recipes

Annual sugar consumption has increased from 4 pounds in 1770, to 18 pounds in 1800, to 90 pounds in 1900, to 168 pounds in 2012. We did not evolve to handle this sugar load.

    Effects of sugar:

    1. Pancreas AND brain recognize sugar (or sweet taste)
    2. Insulin response in proportion to the glycemic index
    3. Insulin drives calories into storage in the liver, muscles, and fat (if the liver and muscles are "full" storage is to fat)
    4. Insulin resistance with increased sugar intake (especially HFCS) eventually leading to Type 2 (and 3) diabetes
    5. Obesity increased significantly after the low-fat dietary guidelines were issued

    Most common diabetes complications: 

    1. Kidney disease
    2. Eye disease including blindness
    3. Amputation
    4. Depression
    5. Neuropathy
    6. Sexual dysfunction
    7. Complications in pregnancy
    8. Dementia


    We currently offer:

     Fitness Meals!  Frozen Gourmet Low Carb Protein Meals With Crane Asada and Chicken with Lemon Capers 32g Protein, 5 Carbs, reduced sodium that taste amazing. 

    Very large portions, 11oz! (about 2X the size of any other meal) You will not be hungry after! 

    Flash Frozen (frozen within 2 day of harvest, about 6-10 sooner than "fresh") which locks in more nutrition. 

    Very large portions, 11oz! (about 2X the size of any other meal) You will not be hungry after! 

    Flash Frozen (frozen within 2 day of harvest, about 6-10 sooner than "fresh") which locks in more nutrition.

    Ultra Low Carb Protein Cookies We are reformulating to a smaller 5g protein and 1 net carb cookie for grocery channels.

    By implementing these products in one’s daily diet, one can increase protein by over 100 grams a day and not know it.  Eat our food for morning, daytime, and snacks!   Enjoy a sensible dinner and experience great results even if exercise is not in the picture.  Gym and exercise is a good thing, yet a high protein lifestyle is a great start.  We have many examples of people adopting this lifestyle, getting great results of weight loss (and the increased energy that goes with it); and feeling amazed at how much they actually eat.  Starving and diets are counterproductive, they don’t work!  You will be full, satisfied; and feeling guilt free of comfort eating!  All this without the highs and lows of a high sugar diet!.


    For the purpose of definition, a diet is time that calories consumed are reduced below calories burned.  To say that diets don’t work is in fact not accurate.  Calories that are consumed are less than calories burned, weight loss will occur.  It doesn’t matter much which diet (this can be argued endlessly though) or which combination of foods (this too can be argued).  

    To say that it is hard to impossible to stay on a diet where the person feels a high level of sacrifice or hunger, that is accurate.  This is where the Yo/Yo effect comes in. The weight loss achieved will actually be gained back than the weight gained in the first place.

    Our goal is to provide a viable and acceptable lifestyle where once the weight desired is obtained, the weight can be kept off using a high protein diet.  This is the balance between sacrifice and reward, keeping blood sugar levels stable.  If the weight is kept off then one will experience a much higher level of energy and desire to be active which helps the cause of burning calories while not starving or suffering.

    In the end, it is about subtle lifestyle changes that are acceptable and not too excessive.  It is about what works for each individual.

     Meal Prep vs FITness Meals

    FITness Meals were created by a top amateur bodybuilder (won 12 of 15 contest he entered, bodyfat below 5% each time) and a world class chef that resulted in the world best nutrition in minutes. It is real simple, if you want to reduce your weight, reduce your carbohydrates.  With today's busy lifestyle who has time to think about what to eat, cook long meals and  worry about labels ect.  We have taken all the guess work out and truly made the worlds first healthy fast food.   FITness meals are KETO as they are under 5 net Carbs.  These are large meals that are very satisfying.  They are high in natural fiber  which is lacking in today's diet. There are a lot of meal prep companies out there, frankly, there is NO comparison. FITness Meals have USDA supervised production and  USDA approved label and backed by 40 years of nutrition knowledge.   To buy food without a label, frankly who knows what your eating. It is also NOT legal to sell food in a retail establishment  without a label if it was not made there.