"Fighting diabetes and obesity"

Our mission is to make a profound effect with the number one problem in US History one person at a time by creating Diabetic/Fitness Friendly foods that have straight forward simple easy to read packaging that taste amazing.  About 12 years ago, fat was given a bad rap; and sugar levels doubled in this country.  75% of the adult population is challenged and sadly over 35% of our children are met with some form of weight challenge, many of them obese.  Tell a Mother she is abusing her child by feeding them too much sugar, it will not be met with an open mind and more than likely resentment.  So many diseases are tied to weight and sugar intake.  Diabetes and high blood pressure come to mind first hand with over 600,000 deaths per month in the US from sugar related diseases.  The answer is creating a high protein diet and lowering sugar intake without a “diet”.  We are blogging medical research weekly to back this up.

Our goal is to exchange 100 grams of sugar/carbohydrates for 100 grams of protein without knowing it (sacrifice or hunger)

Our goal is to help people increase protein intake daily by 100 grams, decrease sugar by that same amount which is a result of increased energy, the body weight they desire (be in control); and live a lifestyle they desire free of a diet.  See, diets don’t work!  Most diets may work for a period of time and once off the diet, gain more weight than when they started in the first place.  Our desire is to create a lifelong lifestyle full of great tasting foods, comfort foods; and life free of food guilt. 

 We currently offer:

Low Carb Protein Cookies in Chocolate Chip and Oatmeal Raisin with 16g protein, NO ADDED SUGAR, and fiber!  This is a quantum leap as we have more Protein than carbohydrates   The price point will be reasonable, attractive; and best part is that they taste as good if not better than any of the sugary products.

Sugar Free Power Truffle 200mg of caffeine sugar free.  Reb Bull has 84mg, nasty tasting and full of sugar! We got twice the kick, great tasting Chocolate with no sugar crash and half the price!  People love them!

 We are close to launching: Fitness Meals!  Frozen Gourmet low Carb Protein Meal 32g Protein, 5 Carbs, reduced sodium that taste amazing and have LARGE portions


By implementing these products in one’s daily diet, one can increase protein by over 100 grams a day and not know it.  Eat our food for morning, daytime, and snacks!   Enjoy a sensible dinner and experience great results even if exercise is not in the picture.  Gym and exercise is a good thing, yet a high protein lifestyle is a great start.  We have many examples of people adopting this lifestyle, getting great results of weight loss (and the increased energy that goes with it); and feeling amazed at how much they actually eat.  Starving and diets are counterproductive, they don’t work!  You will be full, satisfied; and feeling guilt free of comfort eating!  All this without the highs and lows of a high sugar diet!

.Our mission includes giving back to charities that would otherwise not have the access to super foods and The Sugar Solution that Proof Smart Food Inc. offers, including:

  • Food Banks
  • Hospitals
  • Police
  • Fire Fighters

We are working with the San Francisco Marin Food Bank

Located at 900 Pennsylvania Ave. San Francisco, CA. SFM Food Bank delivers fresh produce and other foods to over 225,000 people per year. We are allocating 2% of our net sales to this organization. We will be adding more charities as we grow to help make a difference to all walks of life!

Oakland Emiliano Zapata Street Academy 

Teaching inner city youth sailing, accountability and leadership on Wednesday Weekly.


For the purpose of definition, a diet is time that calories consumed are reduced below calories burned.  To say that diets don’t work is in fact not accurate.  Calories that are consumed are less than calories burned, weight loss will occur.  It doesn’t matter much which diet (this can be argued endlessly though) or which combination of foods (this too can be argued).  

To say that it is hard to impossible to stay on a diet where the person feels a high level of sacrifice or hunger, that is accurate.  This is where the Yo/Yo effect comes in. The weight loss achieved will actually be gained back than the weight gained in the first place.

Our goal is to provide a viable and acceptable lifestyle where once the weight desired is obtained, the weight can be kept off using a high protein diet.  This is the balance between sacrifice and reward, keeping blood sugar levels stable.  If the weight is kept off then one will experience a much higher level of energy and desire to be active which helps the cause of burning calories while not starving or suffering.

In the end, it is about subtle lifestyle changes that are acceptable and not too excessive.  It is about what works for each individual.