Proof Smart Food Team




William Hogarty is a highly successful entrepreneur, building many successful business’s including building and selling the 2nd largest mortgage company in the US and founder of a retail Bank.  William has a degree in nutrition and marketing.  William has won 10 bodybuilding titles and currently 5% body fat at 53 years old, referred to as the fit man in the US over 50!  Proof Smart Food INC is truly William's passion.  William plans to give his 30 year experience of nutrition and fitness to every person in the US as everyone is looking for a healthy easy way to experience energy and fitness never dreamed of before.   William has mastered marketing using social media to 8,000,000 direct daily views, Constant Contact email campaigns with over 150,000 emails weekly.  William is a sought after national speaker with a balanced lifestyle and how to survive personal tragedy that devastates most.   William's drive and determination is second to none, yet understands his weakness; and builds a team around him to compensate for such.  He leads by example and believes in accountability as the foundation to a great life.  William loves building and developing properties, including the largest estate in Alameda County.  William has sailed over 180,000 miles (six times around the world) on his own yachts as captain.  William has a HUGE passion for his family whom consists of his wife Christy, daughters Hailey 17, Rachel 15, and Briana 5.His goal is the help the 20,000 people that will die today and every day due to sugar related disease (diabetes, cancer and heart disease) one person at a time!
                                                        ROY HERMAN COO
Roy is VP of operations and Excels at building products, entering new sales channels, creating profitable growth, upgrading employee engagement and improving quality at every opportunity. A consummate professional with innovative, strategic experience in the food industry. Leading companies and people to better performance. These skills have been earned working at all levels at a variety of disciplines within organizations. As a trusted confidant and senior management adviser, the skills of leadership, team-building, collaboration and cross functional engagement have enabled superior results and positive relationships. Recent Accomplishments In: Business Strategy , Profitability Enhancement, Sales Improvement, Forecasting, Channel Diversification, Employee Engagement, Incentive Based Management, ERP Implementation, BRC Certification for GFSI, Procurement Systems, Performance Analysis, KPI’s, Contracts, Financial Reporting, Budgeting, Quality, and Labeling.
                                              JOHN MORTON CFO


John is a senior financial executive with 30+ years with high-profile, fast growing private and publicly traded organizations including Primestream Corporation, The Experts, Inc., Ener1, Technisource, Inc., Advance Promotion Technologies and Office Depot.  His career was anchored with a solid foundation with a B.S. degree in Accounting in undergraduate school and a MBA in Finance for his graduate studies. He is a CPA and not only has experience as a Chief Financial Officer; He has worked as an Operations Manager, short term COO and Executive VP for a Sales function for three months. John was critical executive management to the growth of new operations in 17 foreign countries.  Along with his duties as a CFO Operations Manager and COO, he has successfully executed mergers and acquisitions as a key strategic adviser and negotiator, in four different companies. 






Seth is a respected and published food scientist responsible for significant contributions to the products development of the Proof Smart Food Company’s product line.  Seth is a top-ranking AIB International trained Baking Science and Technology graduate who’s background in baking science includes invention of the crust/dough for Hot Pocket Pot Pie as well as having invented the crust/dough for Lean Pocket Ultra - low carb, low fat, low calorie, and low sodium version of Hot Pockets.  During Seth's career as a food scientist, Seth has been responsible for bringing more than 20 retail items to market for leading fortune 500 companies!  Seth specializes in utilizing leading edge technologies to bring unique food and nutrition solutions to consumers using ALL NATURAL ingredients.  This cutting edge philosophy makes Seth a perfect fit for all products that will be created, developed, and marketed by Proof Smart Food INC.!  Seth is also the current Director of Research & Development at Milton’s Fine Foods in San Diego, California.  Their all natural products can be found nationwide in outlets like Costco, Sam’s Club, Trader Joe’s, and Whole Foods.  Seth has spent time as Senior Bakery Technologist with the Nestle Corp and Regional QA Manager with ConAgra F.




                                                  BRIAN SHERWOOD CMO

For almost 20 years I've worked in the nutrition industry in many capacities including retail sales, sales management and training, product formulation, operations management, and corporate wellness education. I am very passionate about helping people achieve health and change their lives.                                            



                                                      ERIC DREW BOD   

Eric Drew is a nationally recognized consumer and medical advocate, TV personality, keynote speaker, spokesperson, angel investor, and serial entrepreneur.  Eric created the term “Crowd Healing” and is the Chairman and Executive Director of Silicon Valley based and The Eric Drew Foundation which was established in 2003 to help medical patients all over the world advocate for themselves to find and demand the most advanced treatments available.  Through Eric's philanthropic efforts Eric has saved countless lives and is working to raise the quality of medical treatment around the world.  Eric has lectured at hundreds of medical centers throughout the United States as well as in various countries including the UK, Germany, South Africa, Singapore, and Vietnam. Eric has been featured on many local and national TV and radio shows including CNN, NPR, Montel Williams, Dateline NBC, Donny Deutsche, ABC, NBC, and FOX news channels.  Eric has also been featured in various newspaper blogs and magazines such as WSJ, NY Times, Huffington Post, and Discover magazine.  Eric has lectured extensively at meetings and conferences including keynotes at the RSA Conference, Rotary International, Lions, Kiwanis, and Future Business Leaders of America.  Eric Drew’s professional career is extensive.  Eric has worked in international business development for a variety of industries and represented multiple Silicon Valley global software companies throughout Europe and Asia.  Eric grew up in the town of Los Gatos located in the Silicon Valley.  Eric is now applying the entrepreneurial spirit and the advanced technical leadership of the area to save lives and bring hope to millions through  Eric is dedicated to changing the way medical patients evaluate and decide on treatment options by bringing patient communities together on  For more information visit