Meal Prep Vs FITness Meals

FITness Meals were created by a top amateur bodybuilder (won 12 of 15 contest he entered, bodyfat below 5% each time) and a world class chef that resulted in the world best nutrition in minutes. It is real simple, if you want to reduce your weight, reduce your carbohydrates.  With today's busy lifestyle who has time to think about what to eat, cook long meals and  worry about labels ect.  We have taken all the guess work out and truly made the worlds first healthy fast food.   FITness meals are KETO as they are under 5 net Carbs.  These are large meals that are very satisfying.  They are high in natural fiber  which is lacking in today's diet. There are a lot of meal prep companies out there, frankly, there is NO comparison. FITness Meals have USDA supervised production and  USDA approved label and backed by 40 years of nutrition knowledge.   To buy food without a label, frankly who knows what your eating. It is also NOT legal to sell food in a retail establishment  without a label if it was not made there.  

Simply put, our taste as rated by several taste tests and hundred of customers is the best on the market, no to mention far lower in Carbs/Sugar. Take a look!


Customer Ratings:

1) "The samples arrived just find and we(my wife and I) liked them. Nice and chewy cookies.   I think they are great for today`s lifestyle. We are thinking August is the right time to start with you.  If that works for you? -  Alan Z

2) "I received the samples and shared them with several people.  The Cookies, a 9-10 with everyone. They get the sweet fix they want and the protein they need. Great combo. We would like to move forward if you are ready to expand over the west coast."- Kevin C

3)“The service was great and the cookies are delicious. I will order again. I would recommend these cookies to everyone.”Pat D.

4) “These cookies are great. I actually use them to supplement my diet while working out. They taste great and I would recommend them to everyone!” – Anthony B.

5) “I cannot get enough of the cookies and the truffles. I work at a car dealership and the guys are always taking the cookies for a mid day snack, and the truffles are our guilt free afternoon energy! I am a raving fan!” – David S

6) “You can't tell they're healthy. I ordered the oatmeal raisin and chocolate chip and shocked how tasty they were!! Definitely a great product.” – Ehab E.

7) "These protein cookies are not only delicious, but perfect for a quick recovery protein after a tough workout.  It feels like your cheating on your diet but with a whopping 16g protein and only 14g carbs, your staying on the right track." - Drew H

8) "It may look like  a  simple cookie but the treats from Proof Smart Food are so much more  The line s packed with protein yet still low carb. It will be heading to national retailers soon."- Project Nosh

9) Just got to try one of these Yummy Protein Cookies from P{roof Smart Food, they are low in carbs and filled with great Whey Protein. See, Great way to still have your cookie and not have the guilt.  Protein helps break down sugar and carbs."- Catherin R Fitness Model




Most cookies do not have protein.  The ones that do have protein have carbohydrate levels of 35%.  Proof Cookies have MORE PROTEIN than Net Carbohydrates.  This is a 400% increase to the best ratio on the market and the best part is that they taste as good, if not better than any cookie out there, healthy or not!

Is Protein Beneficial?

Protein has many benefits.  Protein promotes muscle growth, gives a higher base metabolic rate, stabilizes blood sugar (less hunger), and ingested in high amounts does not store as fat.

Is Sugar Bad?

YES, since about 10 years ago when fat was thought of as the problem sugar has doubled.   We eat sugar and our body produces insulin which suddenly drops blood sugar to below when we eat sugar in the first place. This is called THE CRASH and when the body has insulin in it, the body stores FAT.  75% of the adult population is challenged and sadly over 35% of our children are met with some form of weight challenge, many of them obese.  Tell parents they are abusing their child by feeding them too much sugar, it will not be met with an open mind and more than likely resentment.  So many diseases are tied to weight and sugar intake.  Diabetes and high blood pressure come to mind first hand with over 600,000 deaths per month in the US from sugar related diseases.

Is Fat Ok?

Yes, the FDA just recently lifted the limit on daily fat as having no ceiling.  Fat is a great source of energy.  Eating protein and fat will tend to make us much leaner than eating carbohydrates.


Barley:  Barley has been around for 60 years in Cheerios, tastes great, and has one of the lowest glycemic indexes.  Eating whole-grain barley improves regulation of blood sugar (i.e. reduce blood glucose response to a meal) for up to 10 hours after consumption compared to whole-grain wheat which has similar glycemic indexes.  Consuming cookies containing barley over weeks to months also improves cholesterol levels and glucose regulation.  We have .5g of beta-glucan per serving.  

Proprietary Whey Protein:  We have a special blend of Whey  Protein that tastes great, has 12 month shelf life, and is chewy when baked.

Xylitol: Fibers of fruits and vegetables naturally contain xylitol.  It can be extracted from various berries, oats, mushrooms, corn husks, sugar cane, and birch trees.  Xylitol is in a class of substances called “polyols,” more commonly known as sugar alcohols.  Sugar alcohols are neither sugar nor alcohol and have a chemical structure that has similarities of both sugar and alcohol (I won’t bore you with anymore chemistry)