Carne Asada Keto Fitness Meal

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Brand: Proof Smart Food Inc

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Carne Asada

Lightly Seasoned Riced Broccoli
Riced Cauliflower with Lime
Not mild, not hot yet "zesty"
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Carne Asada 34g Protein, 5 net carbs, low sodium, high fiber
USDA Supervised Production and approved Label
Very large portions, 11oz! (about 2x the time of any other meals) You will not be hungry after!
Flash Frozen (frozen within 2 day of harvest, about 6-10 sooner than "fresh") which locks in more nutrition.

The Chicken and Carne meals have a best buy 6-1-19.  To clarify this not an expiration date, yet a date for sale in grocery, that accommodates a customer putting in freezer for six months.