Keto Diet Chocolate Chip Protein VitaCookie!

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 30 Keto Chocolate Chip  Protein VitaCookie's

    Chocolate Chip Protein VitaCookie!

    These delicious cookie's are made with: Easy Keto Recipes

    • Protein
    • Chocolate Chips
    • Vitamins/minerals equivalent to a 6 pill multi pack
    • Vitamins and mineral are fully absorbed, unlike pills where 50% absorbed
    • No nausea associated with high level of supplements
    • Tastes Great!

    More info:

    • 4g Protein, 3 net carbs, high fiber
    • No Boron (used to bind pills that is a known carcinogen)  
    • 2g Dietary Fiber.
    • KETO
    • Bag of 30 Cookies
    • Not for use by Children 

     30 Keto Chocolate Chip Protein VitaCookies  Easy Keto Recipes

    What are you waiting for? KETO VitaCookies can change your life!

    At at check out you will be directed to Bariactric Complete LLC 



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